Milam & Greene Whiskey is releasing its third annual grain-to-glass bourbon, Distillery Edition Batch Three Straight Bourbon Whiskey, a Certified Texas Whiskey produced in Blanco, Texas. Like previous batches, it is pot-distilled by master distiller, Marlene Holmes, in a 300-gallon copper still, is non-chill filtered, and bottled at barrel proof. This extremely limited-edition bourbon is a batch of only four barrels. The Distillery Edition Batch Three Straight Bourbon Whiskey is now available exclusively at the Milam & Greene Whiskey distillery and select retailers in Texas while supplies last.

“Our Distillery Edition Straight Bourbon Whiskey is made with Texas-grown corn, and the entire process from mashing, fermenting, distilling, to aging is done on-site to create a Certified Texas Whiskey,” says Marlene Holmes, master distiller, Milam & Greene Whiskey. “We want to create a whiskey with an exuberant character that appeals to adventurous whiskey drinkers while retaining the classic bourbon personality of sweetness and spice. We are meticulous with our distilling techniques to achieve that balance.”

The mash bill for Milam & Greene Distillery Edition Batch Three Straight Bourbon Whiskey of 70 percent corn, 22 percent malted rye, and eight percent malted barley and proprietary yeast recipe has remained consistent for each of the three batches. What sets Batch Three apart is the impact of the Texan terroir on the barrels as they age for three years with the final months of aging in 2022 punctuated by exceptional heat. The resulting whiskey is the most vigorous, spicy, and lively spirit of the Milam & Greene portfolio. It is hand-bottled at barrel proof (56.94% ABV / 113.88 Proof) to show off the intricacies that the distilling team painstakingly nurtured along the whiskey-making process.

“While we age and batch whiskies from various states together with our own Texas whiskey to make our Triple Cask Bourbon, we create our Distillery Edition Straight Bourbon to be an expression of Texas,” says Milam & Greene Whiskey CEO and blender Heather Greene. “Our Batch Three is certainly a reflection of the unique environment in Texas. Milam & Greene Distillery Edition Batch Three conveys the qualities that the hot and dry Texas Hill Country climate drives into the spirit under the care of skilled whiskey makers. The past hot two months of extreme heat really added something unusual to it. It’s a “Texas heat finished” whiskey and this is our most robust and feisty Distillery Edition yet.”

Milam & Greene Distillery Edition Batch Three Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Glowing deep amber in the glass, Distillery Edition Batch Three is non-chill filtered for weight and viscosity. It has rich aromas of honey-baked grain, vanilla, fresh tobacco, and black tea with a hint of citrus that is brought out even more when served with ice. The palate is robust and piquant, with peppers and spice layered with cinnamon, caramel, and clove. The finish is cozy warm and lingers like a Hill Country sunset. It is a complex, high-proof banger of a whiskey. Enjoy Distillery Edition Batch Three Straight Bourbon sipped over ice in the shade protected from the hot Texas sun.

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