Maker’s Mark announced a new public art installation paying tribute to New York City, scheduled to traverse three neighborhoods throughout October. Maker’s Mark was founded on a dream to create a bourbon that could be enjoyed by all, and ever since becoming available to New Yorkers back in 1980, Maker’s Mark has been poured, mixed, and shared by New Yorkers all over the city. A city that champions individuality and diversity and, like us, believes everyone’s unique and everyone’s remarkable.

In an effort to reciprocate that love, Maker’s Mark has partnered with Risa Puno, a Kentucky-born, NYC-based interactive installation artist, to create artwork specifically for their “A Toast to Remarkable NYC” program. Puno’s work is inspired by the City’s iconic brownstone stoops that have served as sites for spontaneous social gatherings throughout the years. Entitled Open Invitation, this interactive artwork encourages visitors to take a break from busy city life, slow down, and savor the moment together, just as they do down in Kentucky over a shared sip of Maker’s Mark Bourbon.

The installation is a central piece in the Maker’s Mark “A Toast to Remarkable NYC” program, which is intended to spotlight all the reasons people love NYC. Along with Puno, Maker’s Mark is partnering with LISA Project NYC, a local arts nonprofit featuring diverse artists and art-based events in NYC, to kick off a city-wide celebration with local tastemakers and everyday remarkable New Yorkers in “Raising a Toast” to the City.

Risa Puno’s one-of-a-kind installation for “A Toast to Remarkable NYC” can be experienced in person by the public starting October 11 and will be featured in three different locations throughout October with neighboring bars and restaurants offering cocktail specials that also pay homage to “Remarkable NYC”:

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