Kentucky-based Log Still Distillery is introducing a new wheated bourbon to the Monk’s Road product line just in time for cooler temps and holiday gifting. Monk’s Road Wheated Bourbon is a 4-year-old, 94-proof expression that is intended to appeal to all whiskey drinkers and will be made available for $42.99 across retail locations in multiple states.

“We knew we wanted our Wheated Bourbon to appeal to as many whiskey drinkers as possible,” said Wally Dant, Log Still Distiller Founder. “This new offering is incredibly soft on the palate and provides that smooth finish that so many wheated mash bills are known for. This is going to be a great sipper for the colder months.”

Monk’s Road Wheated Bourbon will be available in retail locations across Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

Product Details

  • Monk’s Road Wheated Bourbon: Using wheat as the predominant secondary grain, Monk’s Road Wheated Bourbon is a 4-year-old, sweet, smooth Kentucky Bourbon that’s approachable and balanced. Notes of vanilla and cinnamon spice marry with the dried cherry to create an approachable, warm sipper. This bourbon will take you back to the comforts of your home, where you can enjoy it as the casual back porch sipper or in your favorite cocktail. MSRP $42.99 SRP. 47% alc/vol – 94 PROOF

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