Kentucky-based Log Still Distillery is entering the Georgia market for the first time. In a partnership with Winebow Fine Wine & Spirits, Monk’s Road Bourbon, Monk’s Road gins, and the Rattle & Snap Tennessee Whiskey line hit shelves statewide by the end of February.

As a former state resident, the Peach state holds a special place in the heart of Wally Dant, Log Still Distillery’s founder.

“We are thrilled to bring Log Still Distillery’s unique blend of whiskey and family history to the great state of Georgia,” said Dant. “As a Roswell High School graduate and a former state resident, it holds a special place in my heart. My daughter was born at Northside Hospital when we lived there in the ‘90s. I’m excited to share a piece of my family’s legacy with Georgians. I can’t wait for them to taste the quality and tradition in every bottle of Log Still Distillery’s spirits.”

The Log Still Distillery campus is also home to The Amp, an outdoor amphitheater, a special event venue, and five unique bed and breakfasts. After becoming fully operational in September 2022, the Gethsemane distillery will produce 22,000 barrels annually.

Product Details

  • Monk’s Road Fifth District Series Cold Spring Distillery Bourbon: A 6-year-old Single Barrel Bourbon. Bold and brash right out of the gate with a twinge of clove, nutmeg, and allspice. It follows with hints of coconut, apple, vanilla, and caramel and a firm mouthfeel of considerable maturity. This limited, first-release bourbon pays homage to Cold Spring Distillery, a historic distillery founded in the 1800s on land where we are currently located in southern Nelson County, Ky. The Cold Spring name harkened back to the spring where, even in the summer, the water stayed cool enough for the distillery to continue operating.$79.99 SRP. 50% alc/vol – 100 PROOF.
  • Rattle & Snap 4-Year Tennessee Select Straight Whiskey: Classic sour mash aged to perfection over four years, allowing notes of vanilla, nutmeg, and spice to come to fruition for a long-lasting, sweet finish. $36.99 SRP. 47% alc/vol – 94 PROOF.
  • Monk’s Road Wheated Bourbon: This 4-year-old Wheated Bourbon is light and smooth. Using wheat as the predominant secondary grain, Monk’s Road Wheated is a sweet and smooth product that’s approachable and balanced. Notes of vanilla and cinnamon spice marry with the dried cherry to create an approachable, warm sipper. This bourbon will take you back to the comforts of your home, where you can enjoy it as the casual back porch sipper or in your favorite cocktail. MSRP $42.99 SRP. 47% alc/vol – 94 PROOF
  • Monk’s Road Dry Gin: Our essential gin is a unique offering from the rolling hills of Kentucky, with a delicate balance of complementary botanicals, creating the perfect gin for all seasons and palates. Sweet and tangy lemon peel with complex earthiness and spice. A hint of juniper brings it all around in a harmoniously bright blend. MSRP $27.99. 43% alc/vol – 86 PROOF.
  • Monk’s Road Barrel-Finished Gin: Smooth and complex with a subtle waft of smoke, Monk’s Road Barrel Finished Gin is aged in a wheated bourbon barrel and nods to the pride of place, tradition, and legacy for which the Dant family is known. Rich in oaky aroma, with vanilla and warm mulling spices that leave the juniper pleasantly in the background. Overall, a satiny texture polished by distinct barrel aging. MSRP $29.99. 46.5% alc/vol – 93 PROOF.

      In addition to Georgia, Log Still Distillery currently distributes in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Ohio with new states coming soon.

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