Laws Whiskey House, the award-winning distillery in Denver, today announces the third annual release of their Four Grain Bourbon Whiskey Finished in a Cognac Foeder. First introduced in 2017 as a pioneering addition to their Special Finish Series, this year’s offering represents a captivating blend of whiskeys aged between four and eight years, nurtured in an array of distinct wooden casks. This limited release is set to hit select markets nationwide beginning in October 2023, with a suggested retail price of $79.99.

Laws Whiskey House’s new Four Grain Bourbon Whiskey Finished in a Cognac Foeder marks the third annual release of a dynamic and evolving blend. After years of meticulous experimentation and refinement, Laws developed an innovative solera process where only a portion of their specially finished bourbon is harvested at a time, allowing the remainder to harmonize with future blends of this exceptional whiskey.

Founder of Laws Whiskey House, Al Laws, emphasizes their central philosophy, stating, “One of our core principles is continual improvement. This whiskey exemplifies that philosophy, as with this release, we’re pushing ourselves and our whiskeys to new heights. It’s a truly unique release, and we’re excited to invite you on this journey to savor how this whiskey evolves over time, not only in the glass but from year to year with each release as well.”

This whiskey’s journey commences with Laws Four Grain Straight Bourbon, matured for at least two years in freshly charred American oak barrels. Select barrels then undergo a secondary aging process in French oak casks that previously held Cognac. These distinct spirits are harmonized in a 50-year-old French oak blending vat known as a foeder. Each year’s release includes whiskey from prior vintages, ensuring a consistent style. Following each annual harvest, the foeder is replenished with Four Grain Bourbon finished in Cognac casks, perpetuating the cycle.

Laws’ distinctive process was developed in collaboration with sixth-generation Cognac producer Alain Royer, who provided invaluable technical expertise in cask finishing and blending. Additionally, Royer assisted the Laws team in sourcing the foeder from its original home in France

The foeder is a critical component of this finishing process, facilitating not only the solera blending process but also the gradual integration of flavor from the spirit these casks once held. The French oak foeder staves add an elegant finish to this whiskey, with this year’s batch displaying a more pronounced French oak influence than the previous year. This balance enhances the solera process by accentuating herbaceous pepper and spice, leafy tobacco, and an overall toasted oak character.

For this third release, 400 gallons of finished spirit were harvested from the French oak foeder, yielding only 2,418 750ml bottles. This year’s release captures the essence of previous batches while introducing fresh nuances. Aromas of toasted oak, dry leaves, wet leather, fennel fronds, caraway seed, and dark fruits greet the senses. The spirit delivers flavors of cinnamon raisin toast, salted Marcona almonds, fig jam, and sweet, nutty malt, culminating in a dry finish accentuated by the influence of French oak. It lingers on the palate, offering complexity and depth.

“The true joy in savoring this year’s release comes when you allow the whiskey to rest and breathe in the glass,” says Laws’ Head Blender James Kunz. “It must be brought to room temperature to shine truly. Initially, the tannin and spice take the spotlight, but they gradually yield to deeper sweet fruit notes with subsequent sips. Take your time with this one! It begins with an air of mystery but concludes with a beautifully sweet and warm finish.”

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