King of Kentucky, a super-premium straight bourbon, is returning this year with the release of its fifth edition. Hitting shelves in August, two limited-edition expressions will be available to mark the 5th anniversary of the brand.

The first 2022 expression is a 15-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon, featuring a premium embossed label with a stamp border and details.  Approximately 3,500 bottles will be produced with a suggested retail of $249.99. While the majority of this year’s volume will remain in Kentucky, the expression will also be available in limited quantities in Illinois and Ohio.

The second expression is a very limited 18-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon, featuring an embossed label with a gold-foiled stamp border and gold details. Approximately 250 bottles will be produced with a suggested retail of $349.99. The 18-year-old expression will be exclusive to the Kentucky market.

King of Kentucky was established in 1881 as a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Brown-Forman acquired the brand in 1936 from Selected Kentucky Distillers and, by 1940, converted it to a blended whiskey until it was discontinued in 1968. In 2018, Brown-Forman revived the label paying homage to the brand’s past.

King of Kentucky is an annual release of a single barrel inventory featuring a barrel-strength, minimally-filtered proof presentation, with each release and every barrel being unique. For this year’s iteration, Master Distiller Chris Morris chose two lots of barrels to set aside for the limited-release product– one from 2004, the second from 2006.

Due to the rarity of these barrels, there is no defined annual volume. Just like the extra time it takes for the liquid to mature, King of Kentucky’s package shows personal craftsmanship. Every bottle comes enclosed in a decorative tin canister and tells the story of its origin through the details on the front and back of its package. All are filled, bottled, wax-dipped, and numbered by hand with details including proof, age, warehouse location, lot number, serial number, and barrel number, all selected by Master Distiller Chris Morris.

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