Kentucky Black Bourbon Guild (KBBG) happily announces a new partnership with Holly Hill & Co., the culinary project founded by Chefs Chris and Ouita Michel. “We’re proud and excited to be working with this group,” says KBBG President Rob Beatty, “and looking forward to many events in the future with our new partners. We place value in the same things, like gathering people together to celebrate the fine things in life. I can see us growing together and building a beautiful future.”

Thirsty Fox, a Holly Hill restaurant, shall be the ongoing venue of choice for KBBG’s tastings from 6:00-9:00 on the third Wednesday of each month. The welcoming group enjoys trying a different brand and sample of bourbon at each outing, and Guild members are invited to gather at this happening spot in the heart of town, at the corner of Short and Upper Street. It’s a beautiful space, and the vibe is right for getting together.

Thirsty Fox has achieved local notoriety for its welcoming and energetic atmosphere. They’ve even included an area for cigars, an essential component for many bourbon aficionados who enjoy pairing the two.

“Holly Hill believes that food reflects who we are as a community, rooted in the traditions of those who came before us, and carried on by the relationships we build,” says Chef Ouita. “It is the intersection of people, places, and ingredients, told one story, one dish, and one memory at a time. When we find our place in that community, we become part of the greater story, adding our own flavor to its richness.” This mission dovetails nicely with that of KBBG, a group dedicated to making bourbon appreciation accessible to all through celebrating and highlighting the often-obscured historic African American contribution to its history.

“So many fantastic moments occur when people get together to dine and imbibe,” says Beatty. “If there was ever a time to share each other’s company and bond over bourbon, whiskey, and fellowship, it’s now.”

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