Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

The Kentucky Distillers’ Association today announced that Fresh Bourbon Distillery in downtown Lexington is the newest member of the non-profit trade group that unites and leads Kentucky’s signature Bourbon and distilled spirits industry.

Founded by Sean and Tia Edwards in 2017, Fresh launched its first Bourbon in 2020 in partnership with Hartfield & Co. Distillery in Bourbon County. Fresh opened a boutique distillery, tasting room and cocktail experience at 377 East Main Street in Lexington earlier this year. 

“We’re thrilled and honored to be accepted to join the prestigious collection of distilleries in the KDA,” Sean Edwards said. “Since we started our journey to produce a new Bourbon brand, we’ve been amazed and humbled by the support of people all across the industry who have helped us through numerous challenges.”

Tia Edwards said, “Becoming a KDA member is a milestone achievement and marks the beginning of the next chapter for us. We’re delighted to participate in this community, and we look forward to an expanded role in giving back and helping support the Kentucky Bourbon industry as a whole.”

A Class B distiller, Fresh Bourbon is a Craft-level member at KDA, aging less than 10,000 barrels a year, and joins an impressive list of distilleries in Fayette County, including Lexington Brewing and Distilling Co., Bluegrass Distillers, James E. Pepper Distillery, RD1 Distillery and Barrel House Distilling Co.

“Sean and Tia have poured their hearts into developing a contemporary concept built on Kentucky’s rich Bourbon heritage,” Gregory said. “We are inspired by their passion, vision and commitment, and proudly welcome them to the KDA and our family of Kentucky’s finest distillers.”

Fresh Bourbon uses a unique four-grain recipe in its flagship brand, incorporating honey malt, a rarely used grain in distilling, which produces a distinctive sweet and floral character. Sean Edwards said he anticipates releasing single-barrel expressions and new products over the next several years. 

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