Developed for discerning spirit enthusiasts who love classic bourbon, but are craving a new twist, Taffer’s Browned Butter Bourbon hits shelves in Las Vegas for its official debut.

Crafted in the heat of a kitchen and inspired by culinary craft, the visionary behind this project is acclaimed hospitality expert and “Bar Rescue” television star, Jon Taffer. Taffer has honed skills developed throughout his illustrious 40-year career to helping create a unique spirit that invigorates cocktail connoisseurs and bourbon enthusiasts alike. It was while producing one of his many episodes of “Bar Rescue” that Taffer and his chefs were experimenting in the kitchen when a concept came to him: a way to fuse an indulgent, favorite ingredient with the bold complexity of the whiskey. The result was a delicious sensory journey that became Taffer’s Brown Butter Bourbon. Launching in Las Vegas, due to Taffer’s longstanding rapport with the city, the spirit is ideal for sipping, mixing in a cocktail, or even cooking.

“In my decades of bar and hospitality work, I have seen just about everything when it comes to reimagining spirits or cocktails. When the idea of marrying the flavor profiles of whiskey and browned butter hit me, I knew we were onto something unique and special. But that’s where the work began. We challenged ourselves to turn this creative inspiration into a premium version of the idea that would appeal to not only those new to the spirit but serious whiskey lovers as well,” said Taffer. “With impeccable taste and vibrant nightlife, Las Vegas and Boston are the perfect cities to help us introduce Taffer’s Browned Butter Bourbon to the world and make our mark in the spirits industry.”

The spirit evokes a lavish, inviting scent of toasted caramel and crème brûlée on the nose, an elegant and exciting mix of heat and sweetness with ethereal notes of vanilla and toffee on the palate, and a sweet, gentle finish with delightful complexity, a well as browned butter and hints of banana. The bourbon doesn’t just capture the decadence of its namesake ingredient, it’s also a playful nod to culinary experimentation, the curiosity that drives chefs to bring flavors to life in new ways.

Taking a popular chef’s ingredient in brown butter and turning it into a bourbon allows Taffer’s Browned Butter Bourbon to be used in countless ways. Because of its exciting mix of heat and sweetness, Taffer’s Browned Butter Bourbon can replace entire spirits used in other classic cocktails, such as an espresso martini, or even a margarita. Not to be outdone, forward-thinking gourmands are encouraged to try adding the bourbon to their next dish, from a delicious steak to a sweet treat. Taffer’s Browned Butter Bourbon has proven it is more than just a standard sipper.

With an ABV of 40% and a suggested retail price of $34.99 for a 750-mL bottle, the decadent spirit will be available at retailers in Nevada and Massachusetts with plans for further expansion throughout the country.

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