Recreational sports leagues are back and in full effect this summer! Whether your team is playing kickball or bowling strikes, Jim Beam is here to give your squad a much-deserved refresh as you reunite to take on the upcoming season.

Rec sports teams anywhere in the U.S. can visit for a shot at winning a Jim Beam Highball Rec Refresh package by verifying their ages, sharing their favorite team memory and explaining why their team needs an upgrade. Whether you play softball, soccer, kickball or even pickleball, any 21+ recreational team that could use some refreshment will have the chance to receive the ultimate upgrade. Submissions will be accepted until July 29, 2022, and three eligible teams will be selected in early August.

From post-game Jim Beam Highballs to outfitting the teams with personalized gear for each player, and even bringing in a former professional player to guest coach – this refresh package will be the start to a fantastic season.

Each Rec Refresh package includes:

  • $5,000 check to pick up the tab on league fees and new equipment
  • A virtual coaching session with former professional athlete, baseball champion and all-star Nick Swisher
  • Personalized swag for each player including a hat and jersey
  • Coolers to store ingredients to make refreshing Jim Beam Handmade Highball cocktails
  • Instacart gift cards, valued at $1,000, for Jim Beam Handmade Highball fixings for post-game gatherings

Even if teams aren’t in need of a refresh, they can still enjoy a refreshing Jim Beam Highball in the hot summer months. The Highball, which is made by mixing chilled Jim Beam Bourbon with ice-cold, highly carbonated ginger ale, is the perfect option for those who are looking for a light and refreshing drink.

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