Batch #92, named “1892,” is a special edition of Cigar Blend that commemorates the founding of the original Jos. A. Magnus distillery in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1892. The “1892” batch is a unique blend of 4+ of our some of our finest IN and KY Bourbon barrels, plus a splash of the original Bourbon from 1892 that Joseph Magnus sourced 130+ years ago, which had been either matured or finished in ex-Sherry casks.Magnus Master Blender Nancy Fraley strongly suspects that Joseph sourced this Bourbon from what was then the Rossville Distillery in Lawrenceburg, which was founded in 1847. Cincinnati is just upriver from that same distillery, which is currently known as MGP, and it would have been very plausible to ship Bourbon barrels up the river. The aromatic “DNA” footprint from 1892 is strikingly similar to the 21st-century version of the Bourbon from MGP.On the nose, Cigar Blend batch #92 exhibits rich notes of Liqueur de Cassis (made with black currants), old Chesterfield leather sofa, sticky Medjool date pudding with warm caramel sauce, and a dollop of vanilla bean ice cream, brown baking spices, bouquet garni, and the much-loved Spanish Christmas roasted almond nougat, Turron de Almendra.The palate delivers all that the nose promises, with even more dazzling and exotic flavors of orange blossom honey baklava with candied walnuts, Turkish coffee with crushed cardamom pods, cherries Jubilee, plum pudding, candied fruit drizzled with dark chocolate, and a whiff of ruby Port-infused pipe tobacco. The finish is extremely long, decadent, and infinitely complex, with undulating waves of sweetness, spice, savory, smoke, and oily silkiness melding together in aromatic harmony. To echo what our founder, Joseph A. Magnus, said over 125 years ago, this Bourbon is “a particular whiskey for particular people.” 

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