Hidden Barn releases Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Series Two. The bottle should hit the shelves in December.

Series Two is comprised of ten barrels blended by Master Blender Jackie Zykan, formerly of Old Forester. Hidden Barn Series Two Batch #001 is 5-6 years old and 112 proof.

Hidden Barn Series Two brings together pot still production and a high rye mashbill. The whiskey was distilled at M.B. Roland Distillery and then matured in wood-fired Kelvin Cooperage American White Oak barrels.

“As with all Hidden Barn releases, we are looking to showcase the nuance and depth of flavor found only in small batches, which allows each barrel to really shine,” says Zykan. “With Series Two, we opted for a high rye mashbill to showcase the multifaceted contribution this flavorful grain brings to a bourbon recipe.”

A viscous mouthfeel with juicy, overripe blackberry and a hint of sweet Concord grape is how Zykan describes the bourbon. The palate brings in smoky undertones, milk chocolate and roasted nutty notes. The finish is clean on the front of the palate, with fresh mint shining through.

Hidden Barn Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey was founded by Zykan, Royce Neeley of Neeley Family Distillery and Nate Winegar and Matt Dankner of Colorado’s 5280 Whiskey Society.

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