Bespoken Spirits, an award-winning, sustainably focused beverage alcohol company offering 4-day distillation with unparalleled quality, is pleased to announce notable company milestones across the organization as they head into an exciting holiday season ahead.

In August, the San Francisco-based company announced plans to relocate its headquarters and manufacturing operations to Greyline Station in Lexington. The $3.2 million relocation will create 16 new high-wage jobs paying an average hourly wage of $70.77, including benefits.

Company Growth

Bespoken Spirits

  • QoQ Growth: Q1 Revenue ($211K), Q2 ($263K) and Q3 ($527K)
  • YoY Growth: LY $460K Revenue; CYTD $1M; Projecting $1.5M for 2023

Expansion into New Markets

  • Recent launches into additional priority markets, including Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan and New York

New Distribution Partners

  • Strategic alignment with some of the leading beverage alcohol distributors, including RNDC (Republican National Distributing Company) in TX, FL, and KY; Empire Distributing in TN and GA; and L&J Distributing in NY

New Product Offerings

  • Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Hell House Whiskey
  • Whiskey Myers and Uncle Chicken’s Sippin’ Whiskey

Recent Executive Hire Of-Note

  • The recent hiring of Joe Fortune, Current CEO of Jägermeister, as the new Bespoken Board of Director

“2023 had been a transformational year for Bespoken Spirits using our state-of-the-art spirits maturation technology to launch two new artist partnership brands and three new Bespoken whiskeys,” states Peter Igelias, CEO of Bespoken Spirits. Iglesias continues, “With a solid foundation, we are poised to take the business to even higher levels in 2024. Exciting times ahead as we introduce this disruptive technology to the world.”

The recent company momentum comes on the heels of the launch of a new capital raise of $12 Million Series C.

About Bespoken Spirits

Bespoken Spirits is revolutionizing the whiskey industry by marrying advanced technology with deep flavor insights. Like 23 & Me maps genetics, the company can pinpoint and recreate distinct flavors that resonate with consumers, crafting unique aged whiskey within 4 days using our Activator technology. This efficient process consumes (99%) less water, wood, and energy with higher margins. Bespoken is the ideal partner for celebrities and major distilleries aiming to create or swiftly scale their products without compromising quality.

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