Ten years ago, we were one of the first independent producers to focus exclusively on blending and finishing cask-strength whiskeys from a variety of different distillery partners across the world. The Barrell Craft Spirits brand is known for producing some of America’s most exciting cask-strength releases. We’ve shown that our ability to blend complex flavors in bourbon, rye, and American whiskey is at the forefront of the industry.Meet Barrell Foundation Bourbon, our first non-cask strength whiskey. We applied the same meticulous, scientific approach to blending that we put behind all of our products to this 100-proof release. We aimed to create a versatile, easy-drinking, full-flavored bourbon perfect for enjoying neat or over ice. It’s also a natural choice for cocktails that benefit from a slightly lower proof. Barrell Foundation is a blend of bourbons from Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and Maryland, ranging in age from five to nine years. Twenty-three percent rye in the mash bill gives Foundation richness and complexity, while the approachable proof point brings out the lush sweetness and dark fruit. Your Old Fashioneds will never be the same. Why are we making Barrell Foundation Bourbon?As our brand has grown, we’ve had access to larger bourbon stocks, giving us more flexibility in our blending. With Foundation, we’ve created a flavor profile in a non-cask strength proof that works beautifully in cocktails and is a perfect neat drink. This is a whiskey you’ll enjoy drinking in your home and in a bar or restaurant.Even more exciting is that we can offer it a price that appeals to every bourbon drinker’s wallet. In a time when everything seems to get more expensive, we’ve made a world-class whiskey at a lower price point.  For those consumers who have not tried Barrell because it was out of your price range, we know you’ll love our Foundation Bourbon at $59.99.Why isn’t this cask strenght like everything else we make?We recognize that not all moments and occasions call for cask-strength bourbon. Our goal with Barrell Foundation was to produce a bourbon that can be savored neat yet complement any cocktail recipe. We intentionally chose not to produce this at cask strength because we recognize that some cocktails benefit from a less potent profile. In short, we’ve taken our expertise as blenders and created a choice of bourbon at a more approachable strength.

How is this different from our Batch Bourbon?Every Batch of Bourbon we produce is a limited cask-strength release with an entirely unique flavor profile. Once the batch is gone, it’s gone, never to be replicated. Consumers have come to expect big, unique, exciting flavors from each of our Batches, and we’ll continue to release those.

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