Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Four Gate Whiskey Company has announced four new releases: Batches 21 through 24.

Fans of the previously released Ruby Rye Springs will enjoy Batch 21, dubbed Port PerryPerry. Batch 21 is an 8-Year Indiana Rye Whiskey finished in Australian Tawny Port Casks. 2,148 bottles were produced at 112.2 proof. It will be sold in KY, IN, TN, GA, FL, TX, LA, IL and online through Bourbon,, and at an SRP of $199.

Batch 23, called Barossa Creek, is a blend of 6- & 7-Year Kentucky Straight Bourbons and an 8-Year Indiana Straight Rye Whiskey and finished in Australian Tawny Port Casks clocking in at 121.3 Proof. There are 1,280 bottles and they will be sold in KY, GA, TN, FL, TX, LA, and online through Bourbon,, and at an SRP of $199.

Batch 24, called BRBN Downunder, is a High-Rye Indiana Straight Bourbon Whiskey, aged 6.5 years, and finished in Australian Apera Sherry Casks. The underlying bourbon mash bill on this batch is 60% corn, 36% rye, and 4% malted barley. 2,178 bottles were produced at 116.6 Proof. They will be sold in stores in KY, FL, TX, IN, LA, IL, TN, and online through Bourbon,, and at an SRP of $199.

During the recent supply shortage, Four Gate Whiskey Company was temporarily faced with a bottle shortage. The decision to pause production or switch bottles was weighed heavily, but ultimately, the team decided to use the new “Gettysburg” bottle. Once the final product was produced, they liked the new bottle so much they have decided to keep it for some batches going forward.

“We managed to find a good supply of the old Holly bottles we used previously,” Said Chief Barrel Officer Bob D’Antoni, “But we like this one too much to stop using it as well.”

Additionally, Four Gate Whiskey Company located just 3 barrels of extra-aged, extra-high-proof Indiana Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The Angels’ Share was so great on the barrels that the team was only able to produce 129 bottles. This “micro-batch” will be released at a Louisville, KY location on one day in the coming weeks.

It is a 14-Year Indiana Straight bourbon clocking in at a HAZMAT level 144.3 Proof. SRP will be $450 per bottle and is also called Indiana Foundation, with the batch number designated “MB” and the Age Statement prominently displayed. This bottle is geared towards collectors and fans of extremely high proof extra-aged rare Bourbon. Follow Four Gate Whiskey Company on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to learn of the release date and location.

Four Gate Whiskey Company is also thrilled to announce distribution to the state of Florida through Republic National Distributing Company starting this summer.