Four Branches Bourbon, the spirits brand founded by veterans representing four branches of the US Military, is thrilled to announce the availability of its highly anticipated Founders Blend for online purchase. Founders Blend can now be shipped directly to 35 states, offering bourbon enthusiasts across the country the opportunity to savor the exceptional craftsmanship of this unique blend.

Four Branches Bourbon was born from the profound bonds forged in service and a shared desire to honor the remarkable individuals who have played pivotal roles in all our lives, including those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. The founders of Four Branches Bourbon, Rick Franco (US Marine Corps), Mike Trott (US Air Force), Harold Underdown (US Navy), and RJ Casey (US Army), bonded through their military service, which spans over 100 years of combined dedication.

“We are not celebrities, we are simply proud veterans, and we founded Four Branches Bourbon because we understand the importance of camaraderie and the significance of honoring those who serve in many ways, including those in the shadows,” said Mike Trott, co-founder and managing principal. “We also want to promote our fine bourbon differently, as we ‘sip to remember’ and highlight our trademarked message: Serve Honorably. Drink Honorably. 

Even prior to its official sales launch and availability, Four Branches Bourbon has already made noteworthy contributions to charitable organizations. By generously donating a limited number of bottles to support veterans, special operators, and their families, they successfully raised over $30,000. These funds were specifically raised aligned with the brand’s mission and values, showcasing their steadfast dedication to creating a positive impact beyond mere sales. Four Branches Bourbon is a shining example of its founders’ unwavering commitment to giving back to the community.

With the guidance and collaboration of Hall of Fame Master Distiller Steve Nally, Four Branches created a unique blend of bourbon for its initial release. The founders carefully sourced three different mash bills, ranging from 4 to 7 years old, to form a 4-grain mash bill that sets their blend apart. What makes this blend special is the skillful inclusion of wheat, resulting in a smooth flavor profile beautifully balanced by a subtle burn on the finish, which the founders like to refer to as a “Kentucky kiss.”

In the coming months, Four Branches Bourbon will also be available for purchase in both on-premise and off-premise locations across the following states: Tennessee (TN), Kentucky (KY), Washington (DC), Maryland (MD), Florida (FL), and Arizona (AZ). They will be adding more states as soon as possible.

On June 14, 2023, also recognized as National Bourbon Day, the popular show “Fox and Friends” featured a televised segment highlighting Four Branches Bourbon, with Co-Founders Mike Trott and Rick Franco sharing the captivating journey behind the brand.

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