Deuce Am Tour announced that Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey will be the official whiskey of the National Amateur Tour.

“What we have created is a professionally run national competitive golf league for amateurs with a twist and elevating the experience for all involved. Uncle Nearest will be leveling up the 19th Hole experience by providing a “sip and smoke” experience paired with a select group of cigar manufacturers,” said Tarek DeLavallade, the Am Tours Founder & Commissioner. “Our intention is to be very creative in providing a unique golf experience for our players first and providing an activation like no other for our national and local partners.”

Rawnica Dillingham, Director of Specialty Markets for Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey shared, “We are extremely excited to join the Deuce Am Tour and feel that whiskey can and should be enjoyed during and after a wonderful round of golf. Uncle Nearest is here for it.”

Tarek added, “Just as Liv Golf has shifted the perception and experience for the professional tour players, the Deuce Am Tour is that change we’ve all been waiting for that focuses primarily on the amateur’s overall experience! We will encourage a unique and different event that is still very competitive, but very much about a VIBE! From the championship golf courses, pairing parties, product giveaways, cigars, premium whiskey, flashy clothes, music, money games, and good-looking people – our tournaments will be everything the others aren’t.”

The Deuce Am Tour will travel to 6 Destinations in 12 Months throughout the US starting in February in Las Vegas, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, DMV, and Ft. Lauderdale.

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