Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Cooperstown Distillery has won national awards for packaging and design of its spirits at two prestigious national competitions.

The 2022 John Barleycorn Awards, honoring innovative distillers, writers, marketers, and designers in the spirits industry, awarded Cooperstown two double gold medals for packaging design of its football decanter and golf club decanter. The 11th annual DISC Packaging and Design Awards, a part of the Denver International Spirits Competition, awarded Cooperstown two gold awards for the design of these same decanters.

The John Barleycorn Society is an assemblage of the world’s top journalists and industry professionals who foster a modern approach to recognizing excellence in the spirits industry. The society spent several years creating a comprehensive competition that became the John Barleycorn Awards.

The DISC Packaging and Design Awards recognize excellent packaging designs and their connection to developing a beverage brand. The contest was judged by a seasoned panel of art directors, packaging directors and retail buyers.

The football decanter is a part of Cooperstown Distillery’s Hall of Champions Collection of sports-themed decanters, which celebrates excellence. The football decanter is designed in the shape of an official football, right down to the laces and pigskin replica stopper.

The golf club decanter is also part of Cooperstown Distillery’s Hall of Champions Collection. The golf club decanter is designed in the shape of a golf driver club head and includes replica whippings as the stopper and a “Hole #19” blown into the glass base.

The football decanter can come filled with your choice of either Canton Distillery (Brand) Vodka, American Whiskey, or Bourbon. Golf club decanters can be purchased with either Hall of Champions Distillery (Brand) Vodka, Bourbon, or American Single Malt Whiskey.

You can purchase these decanters online, go to the distillery on Railroad Avenue or go to the Cooperstown Beverage Exchange, both in Cooperstown.

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