Whiskey making will be at an all-time high at Buffalo Trace Distillery now that its new still house has officially been commissioned.  The new still stands 40 feet tall and can produce 60,000 gallons daily.  It is a duplicate of Buffalo Trace’s existing still, allowing the Distillery to double production on fan favorites such as Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare, Weller, Blanton’s, E.H. Taylor Jr., and the rest of the whiskies in its portfolio.  

“We are looking forward to starting up our new still so we can make more bourbon whiskey for our fans,” said Harlen Wheatley, master distiller.  “The new stillhouse is adjacent to the existing stillhouse.  We put a lot of work into matching our existing still to ensure the whiskey we produce remains consistent.  We will be in full production with both stills in the coming days.”  

Fans will see the new stillhouse up close when they take Buffalo Trace’s new Hard Hat tour, expanded with a new tour route and new sites.  The Hard Hat tour has always been a “must-see” when visiting Buffalo Trace, but due to the Distillery’s ongoing construction of the still house and other key elements of the tour, it has been unavailable since 2019.  Now guests will not only get to see the new still house, but some of Buffalo Trace’s other additions as part of its $1.2 billion expansion, including its new awe-inspiring cookers, which span three floors at 22 feet tall, peek inside the Distillery’s 93,000-gallon fermenters and explore the new dry house, which can produce 12,000 pounds of dried grain per hour. The new Hard Hat tour will last approximately 90 minutes and includes a tasting after the tour. There is no charge for the tour or tasting. 

Buffalo Trace’s Trace Tour, long the stalwart of bourbon tour offerings, has also been expanded and will include more insight into the bourbon process and production through a mix of technology and new tour stops in the barrel filling and dumping areas.  The Trace Tour and Hard Hat Tour join Buffalo Trace’s Old Taylor Tour.  All tours and tastings are complimentary and start and end in Buffalo Trace’s Visitor Center, which was expanded in 2020 and now encompasses 33,000 square feet total, which has come in handy as Buffalo Trace welcomed 470,507 guests in 2022 to its Distillery!   

“We are so excited to welcome new and repeat guests to come to see our new stillhouse and experience our new tour offerings, said Tyler Adams, general manager, homeplace.  “The major expansion projects are now complete, so visitors can see lots of new areas on both our Hard Hat Tour and our expanded Trace Tour.  Plus, we’re really looking forward to having more bourbon for our thirsty fans in a few years now that we’re doubling production.”  

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