Brindiamo Group President and CFO Jeff Steinberg announced a major development in the company’s strategy for logistics and facilities with the addition of a new, proprietary rickhouse that will provide traditional company-owned storage for barrels. The rickhouse is located on the grounds of Log Still Distillery, which is situated on the 300-acre campus of Dant Crossing, a unique entertainment complex in Gethsemane, KY.

Steinberg said, “We are extremely excited to announce the completion of the first Brindiamo rickhouse better to serve our clients with their barrel storage requirements. With a capacity of approximately 30,000 barrels, the rickhouse is a joint effort between Brindiamo and Log Still Distillery. It represents a milestone for our company that will dramatically expand our capabilities to directly serve our clients’ needs.”

The genesis of this initial rickhouse came during conversations between Brindiamo’s Chairman and CEO, Jeff Hopmayer, and Wally Dant, President of Log Still Distillery and founder of Dant Crossing. Dant said, “Brindiamo Group is now providing unique strategic advantages to our team at Log Still to enhance operations at the distillery continually.”

“Wally and I saw a unique opportunity to build a strong partnership between Brindiamo and Log Still,” Hopmayer explained. “This modern rickhouse provides dedicated storage for our clients. Barrels will be managed and operated by experienced teams on the grounds of Log Still Distillery.”

Wally agrees, “Working with Brindiamo on solutions for our collective clients and us makes complete sense and we are happy to have them as a strategic partner.”

Chris Ecken, Brindiamo’s Vice President of Strategy & Analytics, added, “The procurement of our own rickhouse is a real game-changer for Brindiamo and our clients.  It will house barrels that Brindiamo owns, as well as Log Still barrels and some third-party barrels. This signifies a major expansion of our core strategy of barrel sourcing and it is the first of many rickhouses that are in our plans for the future.”

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