2022 could be considered an excellent year for bourbon. 2023 starts with a bang, according to Life Writer Zach Johnson at UPROXX, a digital media website.

Here is a list of bourbons released at the end of 2022.

  • Castle & Key Small Batch Bourbon $50- The brand’s first distilled spirit.
  • E.J. Curley Single Barrel $69- A rebirth of an old Kentucky distillery.
  • Frank August Case Study: 01 Mizunara Japanese Oak Bourbon Whiskey $165-A blend of five bourbon barrels finished in Japanese Mizunara casks.
  • Fortuna Bourbon $85-A revied centuries-old dead brand.
  • Very Olde St. Nick The O.G. Aged 17 Years $785-Distilled back in 1981 at the famed and now shuttered Stitzel-Weller distillery in Shively, Ky.
  • Filmland Midnight Mayhem Bourbon $63- A blend of the worlds of Hollywood B-movies and Ohio Valley whiskey.
  • Penelope Toasted Barrel Cask Strength Bourbon S1B12 $78- A four-grain masterpiece finished in toasted barrels.
  • Kentucky Owl Batch #12 $375-A blend of seven 14-year-old-bourbons blended with a four-year-old bourbon.

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