Barrell Craft Spirits is pleased to introduce the release of BCS Gold Label Dovetail.Over the past several years, Barrell Dovetail has become a highly regarded expression within our portfolio of products and the American Whiskey world. Following the success of BCS Gray Label Dovetail, we decided to apply the concept of “Dovetail” to our oldest, rarest stocks.

BCS Gold Label Dovetail is created with the same finishing and blending method as our award-winning Dovetail. It incorporates whiskeys aged up to 25 years, resulting in a more powerful and robust blend. We left these component whiskeys in their finishing casks for longer and included some very high-proof barrels to create a blend with an intensity matched only by its nuance and layering.

  • Whiskey finished in rum, port, and Dunn Vineyards cabernet barrels
  • Distilled in Indiana, Tennessee and Canada
  • Aged in the US and Canada
  • Crafted and bottled in Kentucky
  • 140.18 proof cask strength bottling

The flavor notes are fun and inviting, firmly anchored in classic whiskey aromas, augmented but never overshadowed by contributions from the various finishing casks. The palate evolves from strawberry rhubarb pie to toasted marshmallows and wintergreen. A riot of tropical fruit burst from the finish. Water transforms it into a rich whiskey dessert, loaded with nutty, leafy rancio notes.Click here for more Bottle Releases.

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