Announcing the release of Barrell Bourbon Batch 036. This is a multi-mashbill blend created by combining full-bodied barrels with black cherry notes and oak-forward barrels with a nutty flavor profile. After these mingled, younger barrels with stone fruit and peppery highlights were added to the blend. Lastly, older barrels with notes of milk chocolate, cinnamon and pecans were carefully layered in. The result is an elegant bourbon that is opulent on the finish.

For the first time, our Batch Bourbon features a newly redesigned bottle label. Changes to the front label include disclosing the states from which the whiskey was sourced and listing the age of every whiskey used in the blend. The back label now includes a derived mash bill of the final blend. Finally, the front label more prominently features the bourbon batch number, making it easier to identify on the shelf.

Indiana Bourbon whiskeys: 7.5, 8, & 9 years old 
Kentucky Bourbon whiskeys: 9 years old
Tennessee Bourbon whiskeys: 8 & 15 years old 

Corn: 79%
Rye: 16%
Malted Barley: 5%