B. H. James Distillers proudly announces the introduction and release of their first in-house made distillate, Kentucky Grit Corn Whiskey. Kentucky Grit is the newest member of the B.H. James Distillers family of products. The unaged corn whiskey was made from corn and rye grown in Logan County, Kentucky, by Walnut Grove Farms and with malted barley grown and malted by South Fork Malthouse in Cynthiana, Kentucky.

The first mash bill of 81% Non-GMO Corn, 10% Rye, 5% Caramel Malt and 4% Oats was distilled in a small 25-gallon pot still outside in plain view of anyone driving by on Friday, November 18th, making it the first time whiskey was legally distilled in Adairville since prohibition! Which took away the excitement when a Sheriff’s car stopped by. The very small quantities of the first and second batches have already sold out. But we distill each week and have fresh 100 ml bottles available at the distillery each week.

In time for the holiday gift-giving season, B.H. James Distillers also announces the second batch of Burton James Uniquely American Whiskey named Rookie Season: Batter Up. Rookie Season: Batter Up is made from the same lots of whiskey used to create the first release. However, it has a unique flavor profile making it fun to taste them side by side. By coincidence, Batter Up has the same 104.6 proof as Batch One Rookie Season: Opener. Batter Up was crafted from 6 barrels of American Whiskey comprised of 45.5% – 7.7-year-old Bourbon (with 21% rye content), 30.6% 6.9-year-old Bourbon (with 36% rye content), 21.4% 7.6-year-old Rye Whiskey (with 95% rye content) and 2.5% Light Whiskey.

All the whiskies were distilled in Indiana. Only 852 bottles were filled due to reduced yields from each barrel. When enjoyed neat, Rookie Season: Batter Up has aromas of nicely aged whiskey and brown sugar with hints of spearmint, baking spices and cinnamon. The initial sip offers flavors of brown sugar, baking spice and cinnamon. Please go to the Burton James Whiskey website for additional batch information – www.burtonjameswhiskey.com

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