Arby’s has the meats and now the bourbon to pair with them. The fast-food chain announced the release of its limited-edition Arby’s Smoked Bourbon in partnership with Ohio-based craft distillery Brain Brew and smoked with the same woods used for Arby’s meats.

The whiskey takes inspiration from Arby’s smoked brisket sandwich and limited-edition real country-style rib sandwich.

It will be available exclusively at

“After our successful vodka launch last year, we knew we wanted to release another unexpected liquor that our fans of legal drinking age can responsibly pair with our menu items,” Arby’s President Jim Taylor said in a statement.

To produce the bourbon, American oak is smoked in a patented process with hickory, mesquite and pecan smoke from Sadler’s Smokehouse in Texas. The Once the wood has dried, it is heated and cooled inside the bourbon.

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