CEO and Founder Brian Rosen is thrilled to announce the launch of Algoma Capital. This $100 million credit fund provides working capital to fuel whiskey brands and distillery’s business growth. With over 40 years of industry expertise Rosen has established a specialty lending platform to provide credit to premium distillers, brand owners and suppliers seeking to finance barrel inventory on an asset basis. The firm will deploy up to $10 million or more in each investment.

Rosen says, “The lending environment for distilleries, barrel buyers and brands can be challenging. Banks and other capital providers slowly bury the supplier in paperwork and diligence. We are from the spirit business and take pride in helping our peers with easy access to capital and a welcoming path into the Growth Beverage ecosystem. With over $30M in term sheets out already, we know we have tapped a desire for barrel buyers to work with industry veterans.”

With deep experience in the adult beverage industry, the team understands the extended aging process of distillate and the resulting challenges in cash flow. They offer flexible loan terms tailored to the unique needs of the whiskey community.

Algoma Capital is a Growth Beverage company which also houses BevStrat, InvestBev and Sprout Beverage. With the addition of Algoma Capital, Growth Beverage is now a one-stop location for the four disciplines a brand needs: acceleration, incubation, sales/marketing and credit/private equity.

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