Each year the Texas Whiskey Festival hosts a competition to determine who has the best Texas Bourbon. With a panel of judges, we conduct the competition with a method known as blind judging. The brands and specific whiskeys they are tasting are unknown to the judges. Our panel of judges smell and taste their way through each whiskey, rating the aroma, taste complexity, and finish.

The mission of the festival is simple: To help promote and enhance the brands of the many great distilleries throughout Texas. Along with promotion, we want to educate whiskey lovers about the many top-of-the-line whiskeys being produced in our great state. And we’re doing it all while having fun, drinking great whiskey, and building memorable experiences. As an organization, we know that Texas has some of the best distilleries and whiskeys in the world. The Texas Whiskey Festival is an opportunity to showcase that.

Bourbon: Grain to Glass

  1. Still Austin Whiskey Co. – Cask Strength Straight Bourbon

  2. Shire Distilling Co. – Cask Strength Percheron Bourbon

  3. Ironroot Republic Distilling – Harbinger 115 Straight Bourbon

Bourbon: Aged and Bottled in Texas

  1. Iron Wolf Ranch and Distillery – 6-year Single Barrel Bourbon

  2. Oak & Eden – Bourbon & Vine

  3. Luckenbach Road Whiskey – Straight Bourbon

Those wanting to partake in trying these whiskeys, and others from Texas, are encouraged to attend the festival, where you’ll be able to choose from 70+ whiskeys made by the 34 distilleries participating. It is being held in the Austin, Texas area, and tickets are available for purchase now.

As a side note, festival attendees will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite distillery to decide on the people’s choice award.

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