The award-winning distillery, 291 Colorado Whiskey, is thrilled to announce the release of 291 E Colorado Whiskey Batch 12, a four-grain wheated bourbon and its first experimental wheated bourbon presented since the 2013 release of 291 Bad Guy Bourbon. E Colorado Whiskey Batch 12 is an easy-drinking toast to Summer. The “Bad Guy,” released every Fall, was 291 Founding Distiller Michael Myers’ third mash bill and has been a cult favorite of 291 Colorado Whiskey fans since 2013. 

Bottled at 121.6 proof, 291 E Colorado Whiskey Batch 12 (MSRP $149.99) is a marriage of barrels from two different wheated bourbon experiments that resulted in a four-grain mash bill. Head Distiller Eric Jett filled the first barrels in 2018, while the founder’s batch was distilled in 2021. Myers was made with corn, malted white wheat, and rye malt; the other, created by Jett, was made with corn, malted white wheat, and malted barley. 

“With a commitment to producing exceptional handcrafted American whiskey, we are proud of the release of Batch 12, which highlights 291’s dedication to innovation and experimentation,” said Myers. “This is an approachable bourbon and is a nod to summer, with notes of cinnamon graham cracker, big league chew bubble gum, sweet tarts and hot tamales candies and toasted marshmallow.”

To date, twelve batches of experimental Colorado whiskey have been released by the emerging 291 brand. Each “E” Batch is an opportunity to test new ideas and create one-of-a-kind whiskeys. Each utilizes different mash bills or finishes to create exciting new profiles of 291 Colorado Whiskey. Several earlier  “E” releases have garnered significant recognition on the world stage, including 291 E Colorado Whiskey Batch 7, named 2021’s World’s Best Wheat by the World Whiskies Awards. “E” Batch 3 inspired 291’s recent All Rye 100% Rye Malt Whiskey, and Batch 9 collaborated with Marianne Eaves for the inaugural Eave’s Blind project. Each new release showcases 291’s fearless approach to experimentation. 

Recently named Breakout Distiller of the Year at the 2023 ASCOT Awards and the 291 Colorado Rye Whiskey earning “Best of Class” in the SIP Awards, 291 Colorado Whiskey has captivated whiskey enthusiasts with its distinct spirits. The award recognition has solidified the brand’s position as a trailblazer in the whiskey industry. Every whiskey made by the distillery tells a unique story, showcasing the passion and craftsmanship of the 291 team.

291 E Colorado Whiskey Batch 12 Tasting Notes:

Cinnamon graham cracker, Big League Chew bubble gum, hibiscus, sweet tarts and hot tamales candies, tangerine, toasted marshmallow at 121.6 proof.

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