Two new fine-aged whiskeys from award-winning 15 STARS will hit shelves in Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee beginning March 6: the two new limited releases, Triple Cask and First West Rye.

The Triple Cask release is a blend of two Kentucky straight bourbon whiskeys bottled at 105 proof and finished in cognac, port, and rum casks, with one whiskey aged 16 years and the other eight years old. This blend of two bourbons, one fully mature and the other significantly aged, creates a flavorful mix to which the three cask finishes add rich barrel notes.

First West Rye is a select blend of straight rye whiskeys aged 8, 7, and 6 years and bottled at 105 proof. This whiskey showcases distilling from America’s “First West,” which in 1795 was centered on Kentucky, the first state west of the Appalachians, and included the Northwest and Southwest Territories.

These new releases also feature 15 STARS classic metal stoppers, inspired by the first U.S. coinage, which displayed 15 stars representing Kentucky as the 15th state. The designs used on the metal stopper were first created by the American artisan Robert Scot and serve as a nod to the historic craftsmanship of early America that has stood the test of time.

Triple Cask – Aged 16 & 8 years ($179 MSRP) – Awarded Gold in the 2022 John Barleycorn Awards and Gold in the 2022 Proof Awards.

  • Nose: Layers of baked blackberry with cream, brown sugar, and nutmeg open up into aromas of leather and cigar box to build a complex nose that continues to develop in the glass.
  • Palate: Dark fruit and nutmeg appear with vibrant cognac but eventually give way to caramel and aged oak, showing the strong character of the aged bourbons in the blend.
  • Finish: Similar to the palate, the finish begins with a burst of rich port wine sweetness, transitioning into seasoned oak and worn leather.

      First West Rye – Aged 6, 7, & 8 years ($89 MSRP)

      • Nose: An exquisite blend of aromas revealing layers of floral, dried fruit, and spice notes.
      • Palate: Dried apricot, ginger, cinnamon, green tea, and lavender lead to a rich palate showcasing the aged rye whiskey components. Deeper on the palate, hints of dark cocoa balance traditional herbal tea, honey, and tobacco.
      • Finish: A long finish balances light caramel with lingering ground pepper and rye spice.

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