Cole Hauser, better known as “Rip” on the popular TV series Yellowstone, announced the launch of a whiskey brand, Lazy K Bar Bourbon Whiskey. Hauser explained the inspiration for the brand’s name on Instagram: I’m proud to announce that I have teamed up with some friends to start a whiskey brand inspired by the heritage and grit of the pioneers who built Montana. The ranch, and namesake of our @lazykbarwhiskey, represents the long-standing traditions and hard-fought history of ranchers in Montana.”

The brand is named for Lazy K Bar Ranch, one of the longest-running dude ranches in Montana. The ranch was founded in 1887 as a working cattle and horse ranch and opened to guests in 1922.

The debut bourbon is 8 years old and is bottled at 92 proof.  The bourbon is exclusively in Montana, but Hauser says that the brand plans to eventually expand beyond the state.

The brand describes the tasting notes as, “a dark barrel aroma of caramel and toffee with an aged honey character. Sweet toast and malted grain characteristics are complimented by herbal and spice notes from the rye. The aromatic complexity continues to evolve over time. Dark spices of clove and cinnamon are present along with a hint of apple. The blend has a rich round mouthfeel with a balanced natural sweetness and finishes with a pleasant warming sensation. The finish leaves you with notes of caramelized oak and malted grain.”

“If you’re in big sky country, I hope you’ll grab a bottle,” Hasuer concluded.

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