Wyoming Whiskey announces this year’s annual and limited-release offerings of Barrel Strength Bourbon, Outryder Straight American Whiskey and Single Barrel just in time for the holiday season.

“Fall is certainly the best time of year to be a fan of Wyoming Whiskey,” said Co-Founder David DeFazio. “Our barrel selections have been made and our batching season is complete with the largest production run of Outryder ever offered. This season’s Outryder, identified by its black foil logo, is easily my favorite edition of all time.”

Wyoming Whiskey Barrel Strength Bourbon

(MSRP $299.99) Wyoming Whiskey is releasing its third national batch of Barrel Strength Bourbon.  The most elusive Wyoming Whiskey offering, Barrel Strength, was only last released nationally in the Fall of 2018. Only 50 bottles were available at the time.  Before that, the first ever Wyoming Whiskey Barrel Strength sold out before it even hit shelves in November of 2015.

This edition of Barrel Strength comes with a new label, is from barrel #9735, and was selected for its excellence by Wyoming Whiskey master blender Nancy Fraley. It is bottled at 122.4 proof and offers a distinct flavor profile that reflects its Wyoming origin. A total of 120 bottles will be available in November in select US markets, including Wyoming, California, Colorado, Georgia and New York. Specs: Aged 5 years, 61,2% ABV, 122.4 proof

Wyoming Whiskey Outryder Straight American Whiskey 

(MSRP $74.99) Wyoming Whiskey is releasing the sixth expression of its signature Outryder Straight American Whiskey this November, identified by this year’s black foil logo. Outryder was first released in October 2016, representing Wyoming Whiskey’s first use of rye, along with corn and malted barley. The most recent release of Outryder was last October.  A blend of two distinct high-rye mash bills (but neither qualifying as true rye) Outryder quickly became a favorite amongst whiskey connoisseurs across the country and had a history unlike any other product in the Wyoming Whiskey portfolio.

Wyoming Whiskey’s Single Barrel Bourbon

(MSRP $99.99): This highly anticipated limited release available in Wyoming and other select US markets this November is the first batch since it last sold out in October 2021. Single Barrel represents the top 1% of bourbon barrels sampled yearly by Wyoming Whiskey. Each hand-selected barrel is bottled at 96 proof to maintain the character which defines it. Aged for a minimum of five years, no two barrels are alike. Chosen from six rickhouses for its singular character and taste, each barrel yields approximately 180 bottles that capture this unique bourbon and moment in time, both of which will never happen again.

The company is celebrating ten years of whiskey making on December 1, it is a family-founded and operated distillery producing award-winning bourbon from the ground up.

Crafted from grains grown right in the Bighorn Basin and water from a local limestone aquifer, Wyoming Whiskey respects the maxims of great bourbon yet also reflects the feel and taste of the place it was made. The bourbon unique terroir reflects what the West is made of: intense elements, severe temperatures, and the rich history of Western pioneers. Each barrel experiences extreme temperature variations common in the high basin between the Absaroka and Bighorn Mountains as it matures. Temperatures reach 135° at the height of the warehouse during the summer and fall precipitously to 5° degrees in the depths of Winter. In the summertime, warehouse temperatures can swing 20 – 30 degrees daily and facilitate greater whiskey and wood interaction.

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