Watch Hill Proper invites all our guests to join us in commemorating our 2nd anniversary with a celebration from now through April 30th. We will present a lineup of exclusive offerings and special events to mark this significant milestone in our journey.


Raise a Glass: Celebration cocktail: The Two Thymer

To make this occasion even more unique, we are introducing The Two Thymer cocktail featuring Watch Hill Proper 5 yr Bourbon, house-made ginger/thyme liqueur, honey cava syrup, fresh lemon, and, of course, topped with champagne.


For Each Two Thymer enjoyed, guests can enter a drawing to purchase a bottle of 10-year-old Rip Van Winkle for $69.99. Please join us to toast our anniversary, and who knows, you could be the lucky one to add this prized bourbon to your collection. Guests must be 21.


Menu: Nostalgia + New Menu

This month, we are excited to bring back a favorite from our original menu, the exquisite Pappardelle Pasta. Indulge in the familiar flavors and relive the memories of our earlier offerings alongside our new and exciting creations. The week of April 23, we will unveil the much anticipated Spring Menu featuring caviar, lamb rib and other culinary creations. 


 “Bringing back the beloved Pappardelle Pasta is a nod to everyone’s favorite flavors that continue to inspire us. As we unveil our fresh Spring Menu, filled with dishes like the Caviar Service and succulent Freedom Run Farm Lamb Ribs, we invite our guests to join us on an exciting culinary expedition where cherished traditions meet new, compelling experiences,” said Michael Crouch, Executive Chef for Watch Hill Proper.


Whiskey Collection Milestone

Since the opening of Watch Hill Proper we have been collecting the finest American Whiskey. The collection now boasts over 2000 bottles of American whiskey, a testament to our commitment to our mission. Come and explore our diverse selection and raise a glass to the craftsmanship that goes into every bottle.


“I am thrilled to share that we have officially surpassed 2000 bottles of American whiskey available by the pour, reflecting our unwavering dedication to highlighting the exceptional spirits produced in our nation.” Tommy Craggs, co-founder of Watch Hill Proper, stated, “ We invite enthusiasts to immerse themselves in our diverse array of whiskeys, each bottle a testament to the unparalleled artistry and dedication that defines American whiskey-making.”


Future Plans

As we prepare to launch our bottle and wine club, exciting developments are ahead. Stay tuned for more updates on membership benefits and exclusive offers, which will soon enhance your experience at our bourbon bar and kitchen.


Join us throughout April as we raise our glasses and celebrate a journey filled with delicious memories and remarkable milestones. We extend our heartfelt 

appreciation to all our patrons for their continued support and look forward to many more years of excellent service to you.


For more information, please get in touch with Watch Hill Proper at [email protected]or call us at 502.230.1982.

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