Village Garage, a Bennington, Vermont distillery, is proud to introduce its flagship bourbon, Village Bourbon. Inspired by the lands their families have farmed for over eight generations, friends and co-founders Glen Sauer and Matt Cushman are redefining Green Mountain-made spirits. Village Bourbon is available throughout the state and distributed by Horizon Beverage.

“We want to make Vermont whiskey a category unto itself,” says Matt. “This is – and will be – a whiskey that reflects the character of Vermont: the rugged beauty of the mountains and the bucolic friendliness of its citizens. Born and raised here in Bennington, it’s also great to give something back to the community.”

  • Village Bourbon – The current release is a Vermont straight bourbon with a 60% corn/40% rye mash bill. It finishes fresh and warm, with noticeable toasted oak and butterscotch sweetness.

    Village Garage Distillery is housed in a former garage for Bennington’s highway department and was known around town as “the village garage.” Glen happened to know it was up for sale, and after he and Matt discovered they shared a lifelong dream to build and operate a distillery, the idea for Village Garage was born. The stars on the bottle’s label come from the flag of the Green Mountain Boys, who were instrumental in fighting for America’s independence. They also represent the sky over the lands farmed in Bennington for generations.

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