Willett Distillery has produced the finest Kentucky Bourbon and Rye Whiskeys for over 70 years. Their products are widely regarded as the “Holy Grail of Bourbon.”

Peter Tunney is an icon of the art world and mainstream culture. His artwork has been featured on billboards throughout the country, including in Times Square.

The Kids for Kids Foundation partnered with these two iconic forces to create the Willett Artist Series – an ultra-limited set of three bottles of exclusive bourbon featuring one-of-a-kind designs by Peter Tunney.

Additionally, each of the three prize bottles is named after a work of art from Tunney’s collection.

This unique partnership initially first took shape at the Kids for Kids Foundation’s 2021 Due Process Golf Classic. A group of donors at the Golf Classic won the opportunity to go to the Willett Distillery and taste several bourbons from a variety of barrels. That exclusive Barrel Pick experience was a large part of a Kids for Kids Foundation charity initiative that successfully raised over $400,000 for families affected by medical challenges.

Recently, the Kids for Kids Foundation leveraged a small set of bottles from the same barrel pick and approached Peter Tunney to design the stickers, spawning the ultra-limited Willett Artist Series.

These limited edition bottles adorned with beautifully designed Peter Tunney stickers are filled with bourbon from three select barrels:

  • Courage:

Aged in select white oak barrels for 10 years
Hand bottled from Barrel #9500
Alcohol By Volume: 60.4% (120.8 proof)

  • Gratitude:

Aged in select white oak barrels for 17 years
Hand bottled from Barrel #1406
Alcohol By Volume 56.4% (112.8 proof)

  • Hope:

Aged in select white oak barrels for 18 years
Hand bottled from Barrel #1312
Alcohol By Volume 57.4% (114.8 proof)

None of these one-of-a-kind bottles are available for purchase. They can only be obtained by participating in the upcoming raffle hosted by the Kids for Kids Foundation. But most importantly, the proceeds from this raffle will provide much-needed support for children and families in need of medical care.

Learn more about the Kids for Kids Foundation beneficiaries here.

The winner of this raffle will be drawn on May 24th, 2022. But don’t wait until it’s too late.

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