America is the birthplace of bourbon. This corn-based, sweet, easy-drinking, aged spirit is far and away the most popular whiskey in the US.

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There might be more than 2,000 distilleries in the United States, but that doesn’t mean the top craft whiskey brands are falling behind. Producing some of the best single malt whiskeys, rye whiskey, corn whiskey, moonshine, and Tennessee whiskey on the market. To say that the US is drenched in whiskey is partly silly and partly true. These are our favorite craft American brands, as chosen by our team of editors and expert Christopher Osburn.

Best American Craft Whiskeys at a Glance

  • Our favorite American craft whiskey: Widow Jane 10-Year Bourbon
  • If you’re looking for something great but different: Davidson Reserve Tennessee Whiskey
  • If you’re looking for something sweet: Westland American Single Malt Whiskey
  • If you’re after a strong dram: Nelson Brothers Reserve Bourbon (107.8 proof, or 53.9% ABV)
  • If you’re a fan of rye: Sagamore Spirit Signature Rye Whiskey
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