Black Steel is a very limited-release straight Kentucky small-batch bourbon crafted by bourbon connoisseur Guy Beahm, also known as the gaming legend Dr Disrespect, and an award-winning history-making Master Distiller, Marianne Eaves.

Together, this unwieldy team created a delectable small run of bourbon that speaks for itself. Black Steel Bourbon delivers a smooth yet wildly distinctive flavor profile enveloped with notes of sweet grain, charred wood, green apple, vanilla bean, and citrus peel at 93 proof. It’s the perfect combination of artistry and tradition with an unconventional revamp of what it means to be a bourbon.

Despite the outpouring of support, it seems there were some hiccups and issues immediately after the launch. Some apparently had trouble inputting information into the website to place an order. Others struggled to access the website at all, finding it down or inaccessible. Still, others were disappointed to learn the new bourbon would not ship to Canada, leaving whiskey fans of the true north out of luck.

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