Spirits Capital Corporation, pioneers of the Cask Investment Deed, has just released its latest investor publication, “America’s Spirit.” The free downloadable book charts the evolution of American Whiskey from Colonial Times, through Prohibition, to the Mid-Twentieth Century Renaissance and the Modern Bourbon Boom.

With its beginnings in East Appalachia and the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, whiskey was one of America’s earliest success stories and among our most prosperous cottage industries. Domestic bourbon functioned as a currency, and trade collateral and has matured into a multi-billion-dollar industry. A Cask Investment Deed (CID) is a timely alternative asset secured by newly filled barrels of high-demand Premium American Whiskey that increase in value as they mature. This previously unavailable asset class is experiencing double-digit returns and has proven inflation-resistant.

“This is a preservation of capital investment for someone who has acquired wealth and wants to keep it,” said Todd Sanders, Chairman and CEO of Spirits Capital Corporation, “particularly in the current economic climate.”

Cask Investment Deeds represent a stable and secure alternative asset amid financial turmoil and Wall Street volatility. “Data shows that people consume a lot of spirits during economic downturns, particularly recessions,” said JD Wolf, Chief Operating Officer of Spirits Capital Corporation, “and the category gains momentum the more challenging things get.” In 2023, American whiskey entered a new era of aggressive growth sparked by surging consumption and soaring demand domestically and globally — resulting in dramatic price appreciation.

According to industry data from 2012 to 2022, fine whiskey as an asset class outperformed almost all other mainstream assets, including equities, gold, bonds, and treasuries. “Unlike any other asset class, whiskey’s value increases in parity with its maturity,” said JD. “And it has never gone to zero.”

Cask Investment Deeds are not only backed by barrels of Premium American Whiskey maturing in charred American oak barrels, but the barrels are also fully insured for the duration of the investment. As a result, Spirits Capital has configured an asset-backed investment that is safe and secure via a transparent and fully liquid investing platform.

Spirits Capital Corporation sponsors asset-backed alternative investments and securitizations for the spirits industry. The objectives of the Company are to create an open, safe, and secure marketplace to capitalize on this spirit’s strong and promising future. The Company provides a high degree of transparency and assurance in certifying the underpinning value of its Cask Investment Deeds. The Company integrates whiskey and technology experts to bring customers the finest premium product and value through a secure and transparent contract transaction.

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