Sat. Jul 13th, 2024
In response to strong demand for its award-winning whiskies and frequent sell-outs of its limited-edition releases, Milam & Greene Whiskey has completed an extensive expansion of its Blanco, Texas-based distillery. The multi-million-dollar project encompasses all operations at the Milam & Greene Whiskey distillery, including new distilling equipment, increased distillery footprint, and new warehousing facilities, as well as updates to its popular tasting room they celebrated with a grand re-opening party and ribbon-cutting at the distillery on March 4.
“These updates to the Milam & Green facilities in the Texas Hill Country were critical in realizing our long-term business plans, as we have grown on average more than 70 percent each year since we introduced the brand just before the pandemic, at the end of 2019,” said Milam & Greene Whiskey CEO and master blender, Heather Greene. “Our production, managed by 30-year whiskey veteran and master distiller Marlene Holmes, has increased more than seven times since we launched to meet national demand for our prized bourbon and rye whiskies.”
The expansion includes the installation of a crown jewel: a new 1,000-gallon Vendome copper pot still, which will sit alongside an existing 300-gallon Vendome copper pot still, new boilers, fermenters, and mash tuns in an additional 1,600 square feet of space that was added to the existing distillery footprint. 
The new still will increase Texas-based production to over 1,000 barrels per year on one shift. “Anything larger than that would create too much of a change in the organoleptic profile,” says Greene. “While still a relatively small production by Kentucky standards, the bespoke pot is where our magic lies, and we can’t wait to play with it.”
Milam & Greene is now aging its bourbon and rye barrels in a new, second, non-climate controlled rickhouse that spans 4,000 square feet and will house an additional 2,000 barrels. The new rickhouse is used to age Milam & Greene’s Kentucky and Texas distillate and sourced whiskey barrels from two other states. The Port wine puncheons that age the fast-selling Port Cask Finished Rye will also be transferred to the new warehouse.
Along with increasing production, Milam & Greene Whiskey has added jobs at the distillery to handle the expansion. Seasoned industry veteran, Rikk Munroe joined the team as the new distillery manager working closely with Holmes. He oversees everything from inventory, barrels, mashing, fermenting, distilling, and aging, with a laser focus on quality assurance to produce the highest quality whiskey consistently. The team has also added two distillers to run mashing, fermentation, and distillation and new staff members to help with barrel management and movement, bottling, and labeling.
The Milam & Greene tasting room, a great place to relax and unwind, was just awarded “Best Distillery” for the second year in a row by the Blanco County News. It also received a makeover with an extension built onto the existing tasting room to create more seating and a merchandise area to create an even better experience for whiskey fans. Brenda Fisher was promoted to tasting room manager and is responsible for cocktail ideation, menu creation, staffing, special events, management of the bartender team, and engaging customers with her Texas Hill Country charm.  
The expansion was celebrated with a grand re-opening on March 4, with a ribbon cutting, live music, and the release of the grain-to-glass Distillery Edition Batch 4 Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Only one special barrel of this extremely limited-edition bourbon was made, and it is now available exclusively at the Milam & Greene Whiskey distillery while supplies last.
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