Maker’s Mark has introduced two new Global Travel Retail (GTR) exclusive whiskies to mark its newest Wood Finishing Series – the City Series – capturing the character of the world’s most enchanting locations for whisky fans traveling the globe. Launching with New York City and Sydney, new limited-edition city releases will be added over the multi-year series.

Maker’s Mark knows that to experience a city truly, you have to know its insiders. To kick off this series, Maker’s recruited aesthetes and tastemakers who became our city spirit guides. Every Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series whisky has an established taste vision or flavor goal in mind. Here, the liquid is meant to evoke the essence and nuances of the place they live and love – all through bourbon.

New York Edition

The first trip to New York City promises to be unforgettable. The taste vision for the New York Edition was created to capture the excitement of your first trip to the city that never sleeps. Flavor experts Erina Yoshida and Justin Ottevanger created a whisky that is big, bold and complex, with layers of spice, oak and rich dark chocolate.  At 107.8 proof, the limited-edition bourbon has a long finish … nearly as long as its namesake city’s iconic skyline.

Sydney Edition

With the help of Sydney insiders Sam Egerton and Jordan Toft, this herbaceous expression of Maker’s Mark pays homage to the vibrant people, culture and dynamic palate of the city. Meant to be enjoyed outdoors, the 110.8-proof spirit is ripe and fruit-forward.

The New York and Sydney Editions are the first two in a limited series of handcrafted Maker’s expressions that honor the unique taste profiles of cities worldwide. It is the result of more than a decade of wood-science expertise, exploring the influence of oak and agriculture on bourbon’s wide-ranging taste profiles. The Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series celebrates the inherent uniqueness of different wood types, celebrating individuality through the flavor, just as each city’s unique, signature whisky now does.

Both the Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series New York and Sydney Editions are now available Global Travel Retail. The New York Edition is sold at John F. Kennedy Airport Terminal 1 for an SRP of $95 USD and the Sydney Edition is available at Sydney Terminal 1 for an SRP of $140 AUD. Each terminal has curated Maker’s Mark boutiques to sell the new whiskies with various experiential components such as screen-printing for travelers to enjoy. The stunning designs pay homage to each city and the handcrafted nature of Maker’s Mark Bourbon.

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