Log Still Distillery, a family-run distillery founded by Wally Dant and cousins Lynne and Charles Dant, is proud to announce the launch of its Single Barrel Selection Program. This experience embodies the distillery’s deep-rooted commitment to the community while inviting visitors to partake in a personal bourbon journey.

“Every barrel of bourbon carries a piece of our historic distillery trailblazing milestones and the spirit of southern Nelson County,” said Wally Dant, Log Still Distillery President and Distiller. “With this special offering, we are excited to share the opportunity for guests to select their single barrel and celebrate their triumphs, legacy, and Kentucky’s heritage.”

The Single Barrel Selection Program includes a private distillery tour and a guided tasting of multiple single barrel selections, including Monk’s Road Bourbon and Rattle & Snap Tennessee Whiskeys. Guests will also enjoy small bites and cocktails prepared by the distillery’s culinary team. Each visitor’s selected barrel will be marked with a customized bottle label, making the occasion deeply personal and memorable.

Visitors to Log Still Distillery will find more than just exceptional bourbon. The new program embodies Log Still’s mission – connecting the past, present, and future of bourbon through a unique, personal experience. It offers an opportunity to taste history and become part of it.

The Single Barrel Selection Program is available upon request. To learn more or to schedule a visit, please visit www.logstilldistillery.com.

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