Milestone Beverage has released bourbon that replicated the composition of historic whiskeys. The brand claims that it has analyzed and identified specific molecules that are responsible for historic flavors, textures, and aromas. The data combined has produced the Stateless brand. Made from traditional spirits, a lab fine-tunes the bourbon at a molecular level. At this level, the lab can produce smoke flavors, along with wood, vanilla, and certain spices. 

In a press release from the company, it states, “technology allows for the “democratization of flavors, as previously unaffordable whiskeys become replicable. The techniques allow mass experimentation to innovate further and perhaps resurrect old formulas.”

Damith Weerakoon, director of marketing and operations at Milestone Beverages, called the launch “a significant moment in the beverage industry.”

“We’re not just creating a new line of whiskies. We’re taking the traditional, the non-traditional, the circus ‘freaks’ and the classic entertainers, all the diverse ingredients and processes to pay homage to tradition while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with modern science. This combination is where tradition meets innovation,” Weerakoon said.

The company is conscious of the environmental impact that distilling spirits may cause. The molecular approach reduces the effects of the distillation process, as it does not require the water, grain, barrel storage space and lengthy maturation period required for traditional whiskeys.

The technology is not new, as it was first developed by foodtech startup Endless West in 2018 for its Glyph whisky. The whiskey was created to taste like aged whisky without years in the barrel.

The brand is launching a classic Blended Bourbon Whisky (BBW) at 40% ABV. North America must wait as the brand’s first release will be in Hong Kong, Asia and Europe in early 2024.

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