Wisconsin-based La Crosse Distilling Co. is proud to announce the inaugural release of Buck Dancer Straight Bourbon Whiskey—a four-year aged, ethically produced organic bourbon.

Mitchell Parr, head distiller of the La Crosse-based distillery, states, “Bourbon is interesting when it tells a story. Our story unfolds through local partnerships, and through ingredients and elements indigenous to our region. Buck Dancer embodies the story of family-farmed heirloom corn, regionally harvested white oak, and an open-air aging process that captures the taste of all four seasons.”

Buck Dancer Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a “Whiskey in Harmony” with the distillery’s native land. It is distilled from an heirloom variety of red corn grown in partnership with family farmers. These farmers share La Crosse Distilling’s passion for open-pollinated, no-till, and organic farming practices. The distillery selected wine-grade barrel staves produced by Staggemeyer Stave Company located in Caledonia, Minnesota.

The American white oak trees used in the construction of the barrel staves are regionally grown and harvested. The oak is naturally cured outdoors for 24 to 36 months creating a natural microflora that interacts with the bourbon as it ages producing depth and complexity in the flavor profile. This organic small-batch bourbon is aged for four years in an open-air rick house.  Deep flavor profiles are developed as the oak barrels absorb and constrict the bourbon in tandem with the climate and the seasonality of our region. Buck Dancer is barreled at cask strength at approximately 120 proof.

The brand name Buck Dancer and the fiddle illustration depicted on the label are drawn from old-world Appalachia where string bands and moonshiners were commonplace. It is an homage to some of the first distillers in this country and tips the distillery’s collective hat to great music and spirits that have been central to cultural development in this country.

This release marks a four-year milestone for La Crosse Distilling Co. The inaugural release of Buck Dancer Straight Bourbon Whiskey is scheduled for April 23, at noon CT, T located in the production room at La Crosse Distilling Co., 129 Vine St., La Crosse. Guests can use the garage door entrance located on 2nd Street.

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