The Kentucky Distillers’ Association announced General George Stillhouse in Grayson County as the newest member of the non-profit trade group that unites and leads Kentucky’s signature Bourbon and distilled spirits industry.

In Falls of Rough, General George Stillhouse was established in 2022 by a professor at Western Kentucky University, Travis Wilson. The farm distillery is located on property once owned by George Washington, three miles from Rough River State Park. 

General George Stillhouse operates two pot stills within their 7,000 square-foot production facility, one for Bourbon whiskey and one for gin. A third still will arrive next summer, allowing them to increase production to 12 barrels daily. 

Expansion plans include a rickhouse, bottling line, additional staff and a tasting room in the next phase of the buildout.

KDA President Eric Gregory congratulated Wilson on his endeavor and noted this is the first distillery in Grayson County in south-central Kentucky. There are now distilleries operating or set to open in nearly 50 of Kentucky’s 120 counties. 

“The vision, energy and entrepreneurial spirit of new craft distillers like General George Stillhouse showcases the history and backbone of our extensive distilling heritage here in Kentucky,” Gregory said. 

“We are proud to support Travis and his team in their venture, and we look forward to working with them and our friends in Grayson County. We are honored to officially welcome General George Stillhouse to our growing family of Kentucky’s finest distillers.”

Wilson said the Kentucky Distillers’ Association has been supportive by providing resources and connections.

We at General George Stillhouse are excited to become members of the Kentucky Distillers Association,” Wilson said. “The organization’s long heritage and leadership in making Bourbon central to Kentucky’s identity is one of many reasons for us to join.”

“As lifelong Kentuckians, we are honored to be members of the world’s premier spirits association.”

The company will release two expressions of its Founding Fox gin this December – one a floral botanical gin aged at least six months and the other a dry gin for those looking for something more traditional.

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