Jeptha Creed Distillery, an acclaimed craft distillery known for its innovative approach to bourbon production, is thrilled to announce their Painted Bourbon Barrel Silent Auction as part of their Fall Harvest Festival. This unique event will give bourbon enthusiasts and collectors the opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind, hand painted bourbon barrel from Jeptha Creed.

The Silent Bourbon Barrel Auction is live now and will run through their Fall Harvest Festival on October 7th, when winners will be announced. During this time, participants can place their bids on the bidding website, with each barrel up for auction being accompanied by information on the artist and charity they chose.

In addition to the opportunity to bid on these exceptional barrels, everyone is invited to vote on their favorite design with the winning artist and charity receiving $500 each.

“We are excited to offer bourbon enthusiasts the chance to own a piece of Jeptha Creed history,” said Joyce Nethery, CEO & Master Distiller. “Our Painted Bourbon Barrel Silent Auction represents a celebration of our legacy, the passion of the artists, and the dedication to giving back. It’s an opportunity for bourbon lovers to own something truly extraordinary while benefiting local talent and charitable organizations.”

The Painted Bourbon Barrel Silent Auction represents a rare opportunity for bourbon enthusiasts to become part of the Jeptha Creed family and to own a truly remarkable piece of bourbon history.

Key Auction Details:

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