Chopin Imports Ltd. (CIL), the marketing company for the Chopin Vodka brand and other best-in-class spirits, has reached an agreement with Cedar Ridge Distillery naming CIL its North American sales and marketing agency in several key markets throughout the United States.

Effective immediately, CIL will market Iowa-based Cedar Ridge Distillery’s Straight Bourbon and Straight Rye Whiskeys (SRP $34.99), Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon and Rye expressions (SRP $49.99), Quintessential American Single Malt Whiskey (SRP $59.99) and Slipknot No9. Whiskey (SRP $39.99).

The partnership fills the void of American Whiskey in the CIL book of business with an established brand with the same ethos as the rest of the CIL portfolio: family-owned, award-winning, small-batch, and at the forefront of its category.

“American Single Malt Whiskey is the fastest-growing whiskey category in the United States. We feel there has never been a better time to share Iowa’s best-kept secret with the rest of the nation,” said Jeff Quint, Cedar Ridge Distillery founder. He added, “We proudly wear the badge of being the first to open a distillery in Iowa post-Prohibition, the first Iowa-born bourbon whiskey and one of the first to create award-winning American Single Malt Whiskey.”

As the first distillery to open in Iowa since Prohibition, Cedar Ridge is preserving the legacy of a lost craft. The brand’s slogan, ‘Authentic by Nature,’ speaks to its distillation process and techniques. Each batch of their whiskey takes on the character of Iowa’s land and climate. No temperature control aging, minimal waste, and Midwest resourcefulness put production first, favoring quality over quantity. From the very first sip, every step of the process is evident – from grain to glass.

“Farming and distilling run deep in the Quint-family veins, which gives them an advantage over other brands as they know exactly what they need to create their bourbons and whiskeys,” said Chuck Kane’, COO for Chopin Imports, referring to Iowa as the number one corn-producing state in America. “Our partnership with the Quint family and Cedar Ridge Distillery is a homerun for our portfolio and, more importantly, U.S. consumers.”

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