Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

Designer Tom Lane – AKA Ginger Monkey – has helped the Georgia-based distillery Doc Brown launch into the market with label designs for four bourbon cream liqueurs. With a smooth, flowing, hand-rendered script, the bespoke lettering conveys the rich flavor and warm, luxurious liquid quality inside the bottle.

The latest flavor in the series, Salted Caramel, was released in October 2023, adding to Butter Pecan, Peppermint Mocha and Coffee. Each flavor is color-coded, and layers and textures have been carefully applied within the label designs, contributing to the sensory experience these delicious cream liqueurs offer.

The labels have embossed script and raised spot UC elements across the design to provide tactility and physicality—overlapping secondary labels encroach for visual interest, carrying the main Doc Brown identity.

One of the main challenges for whiskey start-ups is establishing revenue streams while the spirits mature in their casks. Ginger Monkey developed the look and feel of the Bourbon Cream Liqueur, conscious that while the creams would be the first Doc Brown products to hit the market, the brand’s core focus would be on its full-strength, straight bourbons.

“It was important for the Bourbon Cream labels to project the same level of craft, visual language and bourbon integrity as Doc Brown’s hero products. The lettering and graphics reflect the bourbon tradition central to this brand and will appeal to male and female consumers, which is another key part of the Doc Brown mission,” says Tom Lane.

Details and flourishes throughout the design support Doc Brown’s brand narrative and values. For example, old coins are among the family heirlooms of the Brown and Dockweiler families, who set up the farm and distillery project in 2019. Small coins appear on the packaging to reflect the brand’s heritage and aesthetic, to highlight the heirloom Jimmy Red Corn grown on the farm, and to communicate the flavors and ingredients.

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