Meet Four Branches Bourbon: its namesake honors comrades in arms — the US Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force, and its signature Founders Blend is the brand’s unique four-grain bourbon. Four Branches is committed to continuous support and contribution and integrates philanthropy into its core values. As a part of its giveback approach, the brand is leveraging its eCommerce partner Speakeasy Co. for a unique bundle offer in honor of Veteran’s Day.

This season, Four Branches is donating $13 to Folds of Honor for every Four Branches Bourbon Folds of Honor Limited Edition Commemorative Gift Set sold. Folds of Honor is an organization that provides scholarships to spouses and children of America’s fallen or disabled military and first responders.

The limited-time bundle includes one bottle of Four Branches Founders Blend (750ml) and two elegant rock glasses engraved with the logos of Four Branches Bourbon and Folds of Honor. The promotion will run through the holiday season while supplies last. Proceeds from this promotion will contribute to the education and future of those who have sacrificed tremendously for our nation.

“At the core of our brand, we honor veterans and those who continue to serve. We want to present an honorable bourbon while giving back to our communities,” said Rick Franco, co-founder of Four Branches and former U.S. Marine. “This year, we’re helping our new and returning customers contribute to our mission with our Four Branches Bourbon Folds of Honor Collaborative Limited Edition Gift Set. Despite hosting hundreds of other brands, Speakeasy provides excellent attention to detail when executing launches like this.”

Speakeasy Co. is a three-tier compliant eCommerce solution that enables beverage alcohol brands to sell their spirits directly to consumers. Through this partnership, Four Branches Bourbon can be shipped to customers in over 30 states, giving fans across the country the opportunity to experience the brand.

“Unlike competitors in the industry, Speakeasy can fulfill orders that require special handling, like those with unique packaging for bundled orders,” said Michael Bowen, COO and co-founder of Speakeasy Co. “We always encourage our partners to think outside of the box when nearing the holidays, and Four Branches has done so in a special way. We expect big things to come in the future of our partnership, and we’re pleased to grow together.”

Currently, customers can choose from several bottle bundles or pair bourbon with Four Branches merchandise.

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