DEFI Spirits continues to spark innovations in the crypto community after announcing the launch of Bitcoin Bourbon – an impressive showcase of how blockchain technology can be integrated into new industries.

Jenna Woods, company co-founder, said DEFI Spirits will be attaching NFTs to bottle sales in the future, which will give the customer a unique experience to interact with the blockchain in a few easy steps. “Our mission is to connect the crypto community and a broader audience, simplifying blockchain technology and making it more accessible for those curious to explore new possibilities. We believe that by bridging the gap, we can empower more people to unlock the full potential of DeFi, creating a digital future that is more inclusive and informed,” noted Jenna.

Founded in 2020 by Ryan and Jenna Woods, DEFI Spirits is a family-owned business based in Austin, Texas. Bitcoin Bourbon, in fact, already cemented its name in the spirits community by winning a double gold medal at the 2022 John Barleycorn Awards, an international competition developed by spirits writers to acknowledge the preeminent distillers, marketers, and designers of the spirits industry.

“We are proud that our bourbon is crafted just outside of Austin,” shared Ryan, who also expressed hope that DEFI Spirits will help people understand how cryptocurrency can make the industry safer, more transparent, and more engaging.

Ryan said the company is releasing 21 exclusive Founders Series single barrels. These bourbon barrels symbolize the scarcity of Bitcoin, with a supply reaching only 21 million. Each bottle will include a custom box and a serialized NFT, allowing both physical and digital ownership.

DEFI Spirits has already sealed partnerships with a few companies from leading industries wanting to leverage its technology for seamless integration of NFTs into their brands. According to Ryan, this ultimately gives customers “a new kind of engaging experience.”

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