KC Johns announced that she has launched her own brand of whiskey called “Thunder.” The bourbon is named after her most recent album.

The signer partnered with Marni Within, Taste Mistress at Cali Distillery in Gardena, California, to create the custom-flavored bourbon. The bourbon is a high rye bourbon small batch distilled. It is based on CALI’s signature bourbon mash of  70 – 71 percent corn,  22 to 23 percent rye, and 7 percent malted barley.

“If you know me, y’all know I love whiskey. For the past few months, I’ve been working with Cali Distillery in Gardena, CA, trying several delicious custom flavors. And now, we introduce Thunder, a flavor I love, and I hope you love this Mesquite Smoked Bourbon Whiskey as much as I do said, Johns.”

“I couldn’t and wouldn’t be doing any of this without y’all,” Johns said. “It’s crazy to think Thunder started with a Kickstarter campaign, and we’ve now branded it for a great whiskey. Crazy. Thank you, guys, for supporting everything we do as we continue bringing you new music and whiskey.”

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