River Roots Barrel Company, a Cleveland, Ohio-based spirits curator and distillery focusing on exceptional whiskey, is thrilled to announce its official business opening. The company promises a unique sensory experience for spirits connoisseurs and collectors alike.  

River Roots is committed to curating the world’s most exceptional spirits. Founded by true whiskey aficionados, including renowned chef Michael Symon, River Roots aims to share a passion for fine distillation with discerning drinkers.  

“We are beyond excited to share our passion for the best spirits in the world with fellow enthusiasts right here in the heart of the Midwest and beyond,” Symon said. “Thanks to years of  exploring flavor combinations and distilling techniques in travels across the globe, this team of  owners is experts at identifying the top-quality spirits for a truly exceptional tasting  experience.” 

The company’s debut is marked by unveiling of two remarkable bottle offerings, each highlighting the company’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The first is a 140-proof, 13-year Kentucky straight bourbon, aged six years in carefully selected port wine barrels, infusing with rich, complex flavors. The second is a five-year Kentucky straight bourbon cask strength, single-barrel offering showcasing the pure, unadulterated essence of some of the best bourbon made.

“We wanted to come out of the gate strong with meticulously selected bourbons that highlight the epitome of bourbon’s finest flavors,” said Ryan Lintz, CEO and co-founder of River Roots.  “We come from Cleveland, where hard work and high quality go hand-in-hand, and that’s what we’ll give customers that drink our whiskey. The collection will continue to grow with offerings worldwide that meet our very high standards.”  

Aged single-barrel spirits are the flagship product line at River Roots Barrel Company. The company offers spirits aged at a minimum of four years in various flavor profiles selected specifically to impress even the most discerning enthusiasts.  

River Roots offers private single-barrel selections, including bourbon, rye whiskey, rum and applejack. During this, patrons can taste from three different barrels select a favorite barrel, and the staff will bottle it and print the patron’s name or group name and a personalized graphic on the label.  

“Right now, as a normal consumer, you can’t readily go to any of the major domestic distillers and taste barrels of whiskey and then pick the one you like the best based on your palate,”  explains Michael Boland, managing partner. “We are offering any person or group the ability to  schedule an appointment to come in, taste a handful of barrels and then choose one.”

River Roots Barrel Company invites whiskey enthusiasts, collectors, foodies, Michael Symon fans and those seeking an unparalleled tasting experience to join us for a special tasting and book signing with Michael Symon from 3-6 pm on Friday, October 27 at Minotti’s Wine & Spirits liquor store, located at 19831 Detroit Road in Rocky River.  

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